Our educational cooking classes instill children with a love of cooking through fun and interactive cooking experiences.

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In addition to our scheduled classes, Le Petit Chef offers fun cooking activities including Birthday Parties, Private Cooking Lessons and Play Dates.

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About us

In order to create an authentic kitchen experience,   Le Petit Chef classes are taught mainly in the home kitchen where children learn basic cooking skills in a safe and caring environment.

Through fun and educational cooking classes,
Le Petit Chef’s main goal is to influence young children in developing basic cooking skills that they will take into adulthood.

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You have done a wonderful job of incorporating cooking techniques, like cracking eggs or measuring flour, with doable recipes for little hands. My son, Jack, is so proud of his dish each week. He presents it at dinner and the whole family gets a taste. One week - it WAS dinner! Thanks Antonelle - we’ll be back!

Suzanne B.


“Peter had a wonderful time. He remembered all the ingredients, including the dry mustard for the macaroni and cheese, which really surprised me because he usually doesn’t remember much in the way of detail. Peter wanted to make his peanut butter and jelly all by himself today so I credit your class with that!!”

Anne C.


“Everything was fabulous. Emma had fun and everything was so great. I was so happy with everything. Thank you for making Emma’s 4 th birthday so awesome and something to remember. I hope you didn’t mind me helping out!”

Kara M.


You did a fantastic job - keeping 4 year old boys in their chairs cooking for over an hour!? Amazing! I loved everything - the apron - the recipes - the fact that you got to bring some home at the end - the "real food" dishes that we make for dinner all the time and the fun/creative snacks. I have recommended you to everyone I can think of and will continue to! Thanks so much again!

Diane B.


“Avery had a great time at cooking class last week, she was so proud of what she made and wanted us to try it all. She was disappointed she wasn’t going back to another class until the next week!”

Heather B.


“I have to tell you my kids made the lasagna roll up dinner UNassisted (except for boiling water and oven removal) following the recipe and recalling your class. Le Petit Chef’s lessons paying off in spades ! Hope you're having a great summer !”

Sue F.


“Your heart is in it and the kids can see how enthused you are which makes them excited to be there. We look forward to taking many of your classes!!!”

Nora S.


My son thoroughly enjoyed the class and the dishes he made. It sparked an interest in cooking and trying different foods. He continues to pull recipes out of his cookbook from the class.

Don S.